7 wonders of Oregon {bday adventures}

The start of my day.                                                                                                            The end of my day.

My 32nd birthday was celebrated in various places in Oregon.  It sounds funny, but those commercials encouraging people to explore The 7 Wonders of Oregon inspired me to do jus that! So, my husband did some planning  and we narrowed down where in Oregon we were gonna stay – and we ended up in Mt Hood & The Columbia River Gorge area.

Day 1

 After we nearly hiked 3miles we realized the path didn’t seem so clear anymore. We were hopeful that the path would show back up again, and then decided to throw  in the towel  and head back to the car.  Once doing so we noticed a sign saying that the bridge was down and we could not cross the river to get to the waterfalls we were attempting to hike to.  Opps! Ha.  It just made the next hike even more rewarding:-)

Made a pit stop at the local bar for food…and then it was on to location no.2Tamanawas Falls

Day 2 : Painted Hills

After spending some time in the hills, we grabbed some food in town and headed back to enjoy a fire in our cabin.

Day 3 : Bday gifts and more sightseeing awaits:)Smith Rock

Tumalo Falls

Day 4 :Home

The drive home-  Just as beautiful as the drive here.  We did make a pit stop in Portland, which was a nice addition before going home.   All in all, my birthday celebration was filled with love, adventure, excitement, joy, fresh air, new discoveries, and new memories with my wee little family.  Felt very blessed!

Andrea Coan - I would love to add to this post an updated article on Your RV Lifestyle!
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