Jovey {road trip}

It was so nice to get the opportunity to take the drive from Seattle to WI to meet our new niece, Jovey.  We were a tad worried due to driving in February, but we remained safe and lucky.  Our family thought we were flying in, but we wanted to surprise them and bring Leland (whom grew up with them being around, and meet the new pup!).  The drive ended up going by pretty quickly considering that it was 31hrs, and the views were beautiful.   Here is a quick summary of our lovely trip, and photo’s of our beautiful new niece!

One of the best parts about long drives is seeing the terrain change. Going from mountain passes, to some sun shine and flat lands, to just white space for miles upon miles. It keeps the drive interesting!    Most people (including myself) can get so lost in daily routines, stresses, worries, & responsibilities…and these drives make me slow down.  Look around and appreciate the world we live in.  It is therapeutic to me.Nothing is better then being rewarded with a colorful sunrise after being on the road for nearly 24hrs.  It is so refreshing.

To freezing, freezing weather- but nonetheless, we made it!

Before our trip was over we decided to drive to The Bluff (which we try to do every visit home).  And our visits here have become more and more adventurous as winter goes on.  Joel and I got stuck in the snow when we came out during christmas time, and then again, during this trip.  But, we keep making the haul during crappy weather to visit his Dad.  This time around, we had the help of his Mom and Sister.  Could be pretty bad, as no one really goes to this location during this season, but we have embraced the challenges and come home with great stories!Then it was back to the road home….

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