Price Family { South Carolina }

To continue with birthday adventures, Joel and I flew to South Carolina to visit our friends and meet their new baby, Nova.  

Seeing Jess, my best friend, was so needed.  We had spent a many days sitting in her old home drinking tea and eating brownies while chatting about life.  I miss that so much!  I absolutely love her & her family.

It was so nice to spend time with old friends, just relax, and let the day(s) come as they will.   Trip was low key and sadly flew by too quickly!  But I am thankful for the time we did get to catch up and relax with our very good friends.

 We spent the last few hours at this beautiful park where I took advantage of the scenery and this beautiful family by getting some family portraits.

This is the Price Family~

Thanks to Ryan, I have a few images with Joel and the kids too.  Back in Milwaukee I would see Stella often, and was a part of her childhood- It does sadden me that I will be missing that with Nova, but I am so happy we had this chance to meet her, and see Stella, make new memories and enjoy the Price Family.  They are much missed since we do not live in the same city anymore.  Coming back to the house, we finished packing up and enjoyed the patio…of course I snuck a few more photo’s in there too.Till next time… You will all be missed. Love you guys

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