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Brian Mackey- “America” {music video}

Once again Nick Cavalier and I came together to work with artist, Brian Mackey on his most recent music video.  I flew into New Jersey this past July where shooting began.  The concept of the video was pretty straight forward…America.  What images come to mind when you think of America?  We wanted to capture imagery […]

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Brian Mackey {video shoot}

Shot on location (Island Heights, Seaside & Jarvis Park NJ. Additional shots in Navy Pier IL)
FanPage – http://brianstormers.wordpress.com/2011/05/27/behind-the-scenes-of-sunshower/

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The Beautiful yet dangerous Blizzaster (Snow storm 2011)

This was one incredibly intense storm!  And on February 1st, a few hours before the snow storm hit Milwaukee my husband and I ventured to the Lake.  We witnessed some amazing waves, snow drifting, and felt 40MPH winds that seriously made my hands go numb.  Before I couldn’t use my finger anymore to hit the shutter […]

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